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 “The sky is the limit, but only you can limit your sky”
– Constance Tillotson

Quantum Physics, Intention, Craft.

All classes focus on the precision of Film/TV acting:

Art of Improv

Improv for Film/TV requires a more sophisticated method than the typical “improv” approach. Currently, many auditions require the actors to be able to improvise in character while maintaining a direct correlation to the story line. It is subtle & real. It is a fine art most actors do not have in their arsenal. Because of  this much demanded skill, we have had actors book jobs opposite: Anthony Anderson, Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Anderson, Matt Damon, Adam Sandler, Laurence Fishburne & Sam Rockwell…Just to name a few.

Mastering Direction

An actor who gets past initial audition, through callbacks, director’s sessions and network tests is an actor who has become a master at taking direction. If you are not ready, in every audition to do it at least 10 different ways, you are not ready to book the bigger jobs. If you are worrying about the lines, you have not prepared properly. Nor are you using your sides as a professional actor. The bar we set is the standard in which an actor must rise to if they desire to be competitive in the entertainment industry


Worthy of Success. Things happen twice: Once on the inside then on the outside. We can become stuck in our own internal fears & stories. With expert precision, we will help to unlock individual blocks so the actor is free to create, walk in any room with their focus on what they have to give to the project & are in alignment to receive all success that comes to them.

Mixed age class  SUNDAYS 10:30-1:30 Hollywood

Each class is a facet of acting to experience an “on location” feel. We begin, every Sunday, with a discussion of the real life experiences of the week. As well as with a motivational talk. This connects the actors at a very deep and supportive level. The Intention is for each person to uncover their own truths so that they can become “undeniable” at whatever it is they do. Whether it be walking into an audition or working with the director and fellow actors on set. Or giving a dynamic speech at school or work. We cover acting and writing for commercials, improv, different techniques for episodic, sit-com and feature films. The actors work on sides for class of current projects being cast. They garner the understanding of how to take and apply direction. The actors receive PR and Media Training. Each actor develops the vision of a director.

Adult evening classes WEDNESDAYS 7:30 Hollywood

If you are looking to take your art to the next level and beyond this is for you.  My classes are not for the faint of heart. My actors are seeking their Personal Legend. Those who have the Vision Quest to become Masters at their Craft. Each class will reveal any resistance that is stopping you as well as identify your strengths and make them stronger. They are all directed by Constance Tillotson.  These classes will free you from the page so you will find a newfound freedom in your work. You will discover a level of focus that is only practiced by the Great Ones. You will feel safe in your own vulnerability so you may live every moment, with unpredictability as the character. Walk into any audition so prepared you WANT to be directed 10 different ways.  Take this leap and you will no longer require the net. If when reading this you feel a connection, you may have just found your Artistic Tribe.

There is no auditing of this class. I commit to every, single actor and expect them to come to class with the same commitment to the work. Every actor works in class. You only sign up for one class at a time. I find that actors who only want to audit one class are simply not ready to take the Journey my Tribe is on: To become more Artistically and Personally Enlightened. Connecting their Art to a Higher Purpose.

“Go to her class if you want to call yourself an actor. The Best.” Luenell (Borat, That’s My Boy)

“Constance not only has made me a better actor, but she made me a better man.” Metta World Peace (LA Lakers)

“What goes on in here. This is rare. ” Darius McCrary (Anger Management, Family Matters)

“Prepare to Sharpen Your Sword.” Adrian Holmes (Red Riding Hood, Elysium)

“There is a future Oscar winner in this room.” Verdine White (Earth, Wind & Fire)

“My go-to place for incredible, unique, professional actors.” Beth Lipari Casting Director

“Her ability to recognize, challenge and develop each actor comes from her true love of the craft.” Brad Diffley CEO Maverick Talent Agency

“Since 2004, Sterling Studios has been a sanctuary for my daughter. It is the one place in the world where she can freely and honestly express her feelings, learn about her self and where she gets the experience she needs to be the great actor that she dreams of being.”
– Cathy Donoso

“Our week begins on Saturdays when Elle and Ty have spent the day surrounded by your positive energy! You are a continuous joy in all of our lives! Words can not express how much our kids are inspired by you and the Fabulous inspiration you bring into the studio every week!”
Love and Light,
– The Haile Family

“Constance, not only are Samara and Alyssa attending your acting class, they are building awesome life skills that will last them a lifetime.”
Couldn’t have asked for a better class! Thank you
– Nicole Owens

“This studio, this tribe, We’re not just a typical acting class, we bring out the best in each other. For us, when one person succeeds we all succeed. We bring our game and perfect our craft, while we better ourselves as people along the way. Constance doesn’t just teach us about the industry and how to be a great actor, she teaches us how to be a great person, and to believe in each other and ourselves. She opened our eyes that we are all on different paths, some running parallel to another’s, we grow, and process at different rates, but when we’re ready to take on the competition and world of acting, we’ll be undeniable, that’s what comes from sterling studios and nothing less.”
– Alayna Holn


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