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Constance Tillotson

CEO Sterling Studio

My classes are not easy. If this dissuades you, then so will everything else about this business. If Mastery is your vision quest, then you should have already moved from this page and contacted me. 

I seek the truth of the moment. I will breakdown any internal blocks creating resistance that is keeping you stuck in your own story. It is my set intention to provide an environment where the artist is safe to be set free. I am steadfastly committed. Like energy attracts like energy. And this is the energy of my amazing Tribe of incredible actors.

Regardless of your level, I will open up a new path for you. But in the end, you have to make the choice to take a leap into the unknown. To live in the unknown is what is mandatory for any actor whose desire is to fulfill their own greatness. It is your job to live in the unknown. That’s what you get paid for.

I am actor, writer, director, producer and talent manager. I cover all facets of the Entertainment Business. I am constantly working on set with my actors. I constantly bring this knowledge into my studio. 

My actors become experts at the art of collaboration and taking direction. They understand their place as a storyteller. And what we do is to create feelings in others. That is why one goes to the movies or watches television. They want to experience feeling.

My adult and young actors are currently working in Major Feature Films, Series Regulars Reoccurring & Guest Stars in Television Shows & on Broadway.

In my studio are stellar, superlative actors who are self-respected individuals. Classes far reach simple acting. The life skills taught help each person to understand the dynamics of human behavior so that one may process the actions of others while honoring one’s self-worth. 

Many of the children studying in the studio experience a raise in their grades, more harmonious personal relationships, and less proclivity to succumb to peer pressure. My actors have gone on to be graduates of top universities and Ivy League schools. They become instilled with the confidence of a true, compassionate leader.

For 10 years, I  served as a committee member of the Screen Actor’s Guild Conservatory as National Director of Young Performers. I was appointed “Cultural Envoy” by the U.S. Embassy where I brought my “On-the-Set” Film camp global and shot 20 short films at a drug rehabilitation clinic in the Maldives working with recovering heroin addicts and to Sri Lanka working with beautiful children who survived its 25 year civil war.

I am very involved with several NBA players and works to raise their mindset and inspiration for their game including acting and basketball.

I  am top pick for private coachings for auditions and life coaching sessions. I am a top columnist for “Backstage.”

If you have read this far, it’s time to take the leap.


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