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Constance Tillotson

CEO Sterling Studio

“Backstage” New Columnist!!! As an actor, writer, director and producer, talent manager, Constance guides her actors in all facets of the Entertainment Business. She has worked with Golden Globe winners, Oscar & Emmy nominees. Regardless of the level of actor, she has the intuitive ability to Raise Their Game. She reveals all false moments and knows how to turn them into Truth.

Her adult and young actors are currently working in Major Feature Films, Leads, reoccurring & Guest Stars in Television Shows & on Broadway.

In each class, she creates an “on-location” setting which gives every actor the tools and hands on working knowledge, creating an effortless transition to working on set. Any “fear of the unknown” is replaced with a true “knowing.”

It is her Intention to create stellar, superlative actors who are self-respected individuals. Classes far reach simple acting. The life skills taught help each person to understand the dynamics of human behavior so that one may process the actions of others while honoring one’s self-worth. 

Many of the children studying in the studio experience a raise in their grades, more harmonious personal relationships, and less proclivity to succumb to peer pressure. Sterling Actors have gone on to be graduates of top universities and Ivy League schools. They become instilled with the confidence of a true, compassionate leader.

For 10 years, she has served as a committee member of the Screen Actor’s Guild Conservatory as National Director of Young Performers. Recently names “Cultural Envoy” by the U.S. Embassy, she brought her “On-the-Set” Film camp global and shot 20 short films at a drug rehabilitation clinic in the Maldives working with recovering heroin addicts and to Sri Lanka working with beautiful children who survived its 25 year civil war.

She is very involved with several NBA players and works to raise their mindset and inspiration for their game including acting and basketball.

She also is a top pick for private coachings for auditions and life coaching sessions.

“Zen and the Art of Acting mixed with a little bit of basketball. That’s the best way to describe how I direct and the magic in how I do what I do.”

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