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“We are a “Tribe” who completely supports and celebrates each others success. When one of us works, we all work.”

Welcome to Sterling Studio! 

The Destination for Success...

Sterling Actors work. Why? Because of our integrity of craft, vision of the bigger picture & higher purpose mindset.

Series Regular “black-ish,” “Sex Tape” with Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz,” “Barely Lethal” with Samuel L. Jackson, “Better Living Through Chemistry” with Sam Rockwell, “McFarland” with Kevin Costner, “The Mentalist,”  “Spring Breakers” with James Franco and Selena Gomez,  “Hotel Transylvania,” “Think Like a Man,” “Touch,” “Harry’s Law,” Hot in Cleveland, Bored to Death,” “Mentalist,” “New Girl,”  “What Maisie Knew” with Julianne Moore, Adam Sandler’s “Jack and Jill” & “That’s my Boy,” Steve Harvey’s “Think Like a Man.” “Little Boy” with Kevin James and Sean Austin, Liam Neeson’s “Takers 2,” “Elysium” & “I bought a Zoo” with Matt Damon, “Love that Girl,” “The Middle,” “Reed Between the Lines,” “Are We There Yet?” “Good Luck Charlie,” “Austin & Ally,” “The Wedding Band,” “Modern Family,” “Haters,” “Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Community,” “Castle,” “Glee,” “ICarly,” “Law & Order SVU,” “CSI,” “Shameless,” “Nintendo,” “Disney,” “Chevy” “Churches Chicken,” “Pillsbury,” “Mattel,” “Gogurt,” “Extreme Retreat,” “AT&T,” “T-Mobile,” “Children’s Hospital,” “UPS, “Skittles,” “Jimmy Kimmel,” “The Late Show with David Letterman” “The Walking Dead,” “Hawaii-50,” “Wendall & Vinnie.”

Named as “BackStage’s” readers choice for “Best Children’s Acting Class” with Constance Tillotson as “Best Acting Coach.”

Highly supported in the Entertainment Industry, Sterling Studio is a very different experience. Besides an amazing acting space,  Sterling also are producers and distributers of short films created, written and acted by it’s stellar actors.   The classes are not taught by the traditional “Acting Teachers.” Instead, each class is a hands on experience of what it takes to book the audition and successfully transition to set. The studio is visited by established Actors, Directors, Casting Directors, Producers and Agents. Each of whom come into work with the actors allowing them a greater insight into their profession.

Adult evening workshops. Young Performer Classes are ongoing for ages 6 on up. Sterling Studio actors understand how to walk into any room and present their original, authentic self. They connect to the thing that is “bigger than themselves” which drives their own individual positive purpose. Sterling Studio produces working actors by their developing love and respect for the craft. This powerful class is designed to build strong actors and compassionate, artistic leaders.

“This studio contains the next generation of the top respected and highly revered artists of the written word.”
– Luenell – “Borat” “Donny’s Boy” “Think Like a Man”

“There is a future Oscar winner in this room.” 
– Verdine White – Earth, Wind and Fire

“What Constance has done for me and my kids is unbelievable. I call her my Universe. She not only made us great actors. She also made me a better man.”
– Ron Artest “Metta World Peace” – LA Lakers

“It is as much a lesson for me as it is for the kids being at Sterling Studios. They are very talented and fearless group who have really helped me to connect with my inner child. The Eagles Nest is soaring!”
– Adrian Holmes – “Red Riding Hood” “Elysium”

“This is the magic I have been looking for.”
– Judy Savage – The Savage Agency

“I wanted to hire a group of actors with built in chemistry. The actors from Sterling Studio jumped into the scenes, creating a palpable natural reality that I’m thrilled with.Some of the most enthusiastic praise I’ve gotten from “Schooled” is about the performances of the Sterling Studio actors. Their work in “Schooled” was as essential in us being nominated for “Best Ensemble Performance” at The Method Film Fest in LA.”
– Brooks Elms – Director “Schooled”

“The work going on in the Hudson Theatre is first rate and Constance is a director who gives young artists the tools and discipline that prepares them to be the professionals that every director and producer hopes will grace their set!”
– Roy Steinberg – Director/Producer “Days of our Lives.”

“Constance challenges the actor to reach deep inside and feel the emotions of the character.Her ability to recognize and develop each actor’s attributes comes from her true love of the craft.”
– Brad Diffley – CEO Mavrick Agency

“Constance & her actors are my “to go” place for incredible, unique, professional actors.”
– Beth Lipari – Casting Director

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